It is intended as a social dining room or the Villafáfila Environmental Classroom, offering environmental education about the Villafáfila Lagoons Nature Reserve.

Located on Ctra. Villalpando Nº 2-bis.

The facilities occupy an area of ​​200 square meters spread over a two-storey building, which will provide its services mainly to associations, schools and institutes.

Environmental Classroom and Social Dining Room


The first floor has a reception office, a dining room, a kitchen and bathrooms, which is also used as a social dining room. or for the environmental classroom.

Reception and toilet area Dining room Kitchen


The second floor has been allocated for three bedrooms, with their respective bathrooms, with capacity for 18 people to house one for boys, another for girls and one for monitors.

Dormitories for boys or girls monitor bedroom Beds

The dining room is intended to serve as a social dining room and can serve a total of 44 people, users also have the option of being able to go get food and take it away.

A benefit is given that has been shown to be effective so that older people in rural areas have a place where they are offered adequate food, while serving as a point of contact. Another of the goals of this social initiative, in addition to maintaining the population so that they do not have to go to a residence, except in irremediable situations.

The soup kitchen is offered as main recipients to:

People over 60 years old.

People with a recognized disability of any age.

Other people with certain social needs.

The meals will be adapted to the medical needs of each person, with the help of doctors to prepare the menus in a balanced and healthy way.

Having the ease of getting a monthly bonus with which they would save even more money and improve the service.

The service from Monday to Saturday.

The doubts that they may have and the more specific rules of the Social Kitchen will be attended by the Villafáfila City Council, which is the provider of the service.

Phone: 980 59 17 03.

The soup kitchen for its operation has the help of the Diputación de Zamora.

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