One of the most stellar Moments of Holy Week is the DESCENDENCE that only takes place on leap years, for more than fifty years without realizing it was recovered in the year 2000 by the brotherhood of Cristo de la Misericordia.

     The act of descent takes place on Good Friday in the afternoon within the Holy Offices, Liturgical Celebration of the Passion and Death of the Lord, It consists of the real staging, through the images of the crucifixion, descent and burial in the Urn, of Jesus Christ , which the brothers perform in the mouth of the priest.

Virgin of Solitude

Virgin of Solitude

Christ of the Urn on the cross

Recumbent Christ, from the Urn

Bed of the Christ of the Urn

urn bed

     This Christ that enters the auction is adjusted by the Brotherhood and then carried in procession.

    The brothers are in charge of preparing the act, Christ is taken out of his urn and placed on the cross that a person from the town donated, placed to the right of the main altar, his arms are articulated, a shroud is placed on him, on the other On the left is Mary, who is the image of Soledad, whose head is also articulated, and toward the end of the church, the bed of the Christ of the Urn is placed, where it will be deposited.


Brothers of the Christ of Mercy Brothers of the Christ of Mercy Brotherhood

     For the Celebration all the brothers sit first behind the bed, where the banner of the Brotherhood precedes them, the Liturgy of the Passion and Death of the Lord is celebrated. Towards the moment of the representation of the act of descent, the brothers stand on the altar all around them.


     Then, as the parish priest recounts the descent, the nails and crown are brought before the Virgin, who is when asked if she recognizes them, with her head moving it gives her confirmation, descended the Christ is taken to see if she recognizes her son Jesus returning say.


Uncrucification of a nail

Moment that the Virgin will confirm

Affirmation of the Virgin




Jesus deposed from the Cross

Jesus before Mary

Jesus on the bed of the Urn and escorted by two brothers

     Transcended this, all the brothers return to their place, the <<Cruz de Nácar>> is worshiped, which, according to tradition, had been sent from Jerusalem, singing the Populamea. 

     The Christ is placed in the Urn, which comes out in procession, together with the Virgin of Sorrows (La Dolorosa) and Las Angustias.

anxieties Urn



Villafáfila. El descendimiento de Cristo



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