The Pro-Holy Week Board is composed of:

· Christ of Mercy Brotherhood.

· Brotherhood Our Lady of Sorrows.

· Local priest.

· Town hall of Villafáfila.

· Individuals.

The purpose is to maintain and promote Holy Week in Villafáfila.

1º- The proposed objectives are:

· Bring Holy Week in Villafáfila closer to the population as a whole, to any person or group that is interested in it.

· The dissemination of Holy Week in Villafáfila.

· Organization and coordination of the different activities.

2º- To improve the material state, within our possibilities, we will work for:

· Renew needs.

· In caring for and improving the images of Holy Week.

· Maintain the Santa María del Moral Church in an adequate state.

3º- Work or collaborate with other Pro-Easter Boards. 

The Pro-Easter Board of Villafáfila thanks all those people who selflessly contribute their collaboration through multiple ways.

Author, photography, transcription and montage:

Jose Luis Dominguez Martinez.

All text, photographs, transcription and montage, the rights belong to their authors, any type of use is prohibited without authorization.