AGREEMENT of October 10, 2001, of the Town Hall of Villafáfila (Zamora), approving the Heraldic Shield and Municipal Flag.

The Plenary Session of the City Council of Villafáfila (Zamora) in session held on October 3, 2001, in the exercise of the functions delegated by the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León to the City Councils through Law 1/1998, of June 4, of Local Regime of Castilla y León, and in accordance with the processing of article 28 of said text, agreed, unanimously by the attendees, to approve the Heraldic Shield and Municipal Flag of this Municipality, adhering to the Laws and Rules of Heraldry and Vexillology , with the following description:

Heraldic shield. –  Shield half broken and cut.

1st silver, four-barred gold flag of gules and gules flag with cross of Saint Andrew of gold, placed on a cross.

2nd of azure, silver goose in flight.

3rd of gules, three gold Visigoth crosses, placed in a band.

At the buzzer, royal crown closed.

Municipal Flag.– Rectangular flag with proportions 2:3, formed by five horizontal stripes, in proportions 2/7, 1/4 2/7, 1/4 2/7, the outer ones being blue, the intermediate ones white and red with two yellow open royal crowns the central one».

What is made public for general knowledge and for appropriate purposes.

Villafáfila, October 10, 2001.

The Mayor-President,


Official Gazette: CASTILLA LEÓN NUMBER 209

Publication Date: 10-26-2001                 


Issuing Body: CITY COUNCIL OF VILLAFÁFILA (ZAMORA)                 

Standard: AGREE                

Standard Number:                                    

Issue Date: 10-10-2001                 

Title: AGREEMENT of October 10, 2001, of the Town Hall of Villafáfila (Zamora), approving the Heraldic Shield and Municipal Flag.

Approval Bulletin Heraldic Shield and Municipal Flag -


In the upper part a Royal Crown, consisting of a circle of gold, enriched with precious stones, enhanced with eight similar rosettes, in the shape of celery leaves, interpolated with eight small points adorned with pearls at their ends; closed at the top with eight gold diadems each loaded with pearls, unit in the upper center and topped by a globe, centered and crossed with a smooth gold cross.

The mouth (edge ​​of the shield) is black.

The interior of the shield is called Campo, and is made up of three quarters, half divided and cut.

1st quarter refers to the Concordia de Villafáfila in 1506, with a silver background and two crossed flags.

On the left, Royal Script of Fernando "El Católico" 1506, divided into nine interspersed stripes of gold and red, representing the Kingdom of Aragon.

On the right, After the marriage of Doña Juana "La Loca", daughter of the Catholic Monarchs, with the Archduke of Austria Don Felipe "el Hermoso", "Burgundy Blade" or "Saint Andrew's Blade" was introduced. Consisting of two tree trunks stripped of their branches and crossed in a cross. This was the symbol of the Archduke, distinctive of his mother's house, since Austria was under the patronage of Saint Andrew, and he had it embroidered on his flags when he came to meet the King of Aragon and Regent of Castile D. Fernando.

2nd barracks, with an azure background and a silver goose in flight, represents the Villafáfila lagoons, which for centuries were exploited for their salt for food and gunpowder manufacturing, with great importance as it is an interior salt mine that was owned of monasteries, military orders and monarchs, today its importance is due to the birdlife it houses.

3rd quarter, represents the Treasure of Villafáfila, appeared around 1920, this important archaeological complex is formed by three crosses of gold sheets, this finding constitutes one of the most outstanding sets of Visigoth goldsmithing in the Iberian Peninsula (S. VII - VII AD ). Delivered by its finder D. Vicente Fernández "Patadicas", it is currently kept in the Provincial Museum of Zamora.

Coat of Arms of Villafafila



Rectangular flag of proportions 2:3

Formed by five horizontal stripes, in proportions 2/7, 1/4 2/7, 1/4 2/7,

Being the outer ones blue, the intermediate ones white and the central one red with two open yellow royal crowns.

Flag of Villafafila




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